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Recycled Water Drops

Clean Wave is commited to deploying our proprietary technologies for the benefit of our customers, our employees, our investors and the environment. 


Clean Wave has devoted years to developing proprietary solutions to common agricultural and industrial challenges.  Our solutions include low energy drying of a vast array of products, unparalleled cleaning and recycling of wastewater and the reuse of select agricultural wastes.


CWT’s founders bring vast entrepreneurial experience and have worked effectively together at various times dating back more than 25 years. The team brings more than 90 years of entrepreneurial experience. Below you will find brief profiles of Clean Wave's core team.

  CHIEF TECHNOLOGY AND OPERATIONS OFFICER                                                           

Tim is an environmental scientist but has functioned in an engineering role for the past decade. He is has started and operated an environmental consulting firm, managed the services of an environmental engineering firm and helped found a green tech company. He is responsible for the existence of Clean Wave’s technologies as well as additional synergistic technologies in the pipeline.

  CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER                                                                                       

Troy Flowers is a career-long entrepreneur, having been involved in several startups including one that earned him recognition as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Indiana. Troy’s background is primarily in business development, sales and marketing with a strong science foundation. He and Tim Heffernan have collaborated on various projects over the last 20 years.

  CHIEF FINANCIAL AND LEGAL OFFICER                                                                           

With a law degree, MBA focused on finance, and a vast entrepreneurial background, Mike provides sound financial and business management to Clean Wave.  Mr. Galloway has known Tim and Troy for nearly twenty-five years and is very familiar with their track records and accomplishments. He has been involved with some of their previous entrepreneurial endeavors. When he was asked to assist with the creation of Clean Wave Technologies, did not hesitate. Mike is also an investor in Clean Wave Tech.

  CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER                                                                           

Effective collaboration of team members in different parts of the country will require outstanding communication.  Technologies today have the capability to facilitate collaboration and foster communication but choosing the right technologies and ensuring that all team members can effectively use these technologies is an absolute necessity. Laura is a talented teacher, trainer and an expert in on-line training and collaboration.  She is also a highly organized manager who masters the details without ever losing sight of the big picture.  Laura will be a valuable team member who will improve communication among the team and will train team members how to use technologies to improve communication and collaboration. 

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