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Clean Wave Technologies wastewater treatment system
Clean Wave has developed a wastewater management system consisting of ecoFloc, our waste separator and ecoFlash, our non-thermal dryer. Together they can reduce on-farm GHG emissions by almost 69%, save dairies over a penny per gallon of wastewater and eliminate solids discharge to lagoons.
Clean Wave ecoFloc wastewater recycling system
ecoFloc logo
Our ecoFloc Hybrid System separates dairy waste into 3 components: LIQUID, FIBERS and SOLIDS. The LIQUID component can be used directly for washwater, irrigation or further processed to make it potable for the dairy herd.  ecoFloc can virtually eliminate solids discharge, erasing the need to ever clean out a waste water lagoon.
Clean Wave's ecoFloc wastewater treatment unit
Shown on the right are the results of one of our ecoFloc field tests made with our mobile unit.  The jars were sampled at various stages in the process and demonstrate the separation of the liquid component from the dairy waste solids. 
Clean Wave ecoFlash non-thermal drier
ecoFlash logo
Our ecoFlash Non-Thermal Dryer removes water using roughly 1/4 of the energy required by current methods. We use a low heat drying method that virtually eliminates the possibility of fire which is common in Rotary Drying Systems.

FIBERS dried with ecoFlash can be used as an economical option for animal bedding. ecoFlash dries fibers to a lower percentage of moisture than current methods which greatly limits pathogen growth resulting in a healthier herd.  Fibers dried with ecoFlash can also be used as a commercial peat moss replacement.
Dried SOLIDS are nutrient rich and valuable as a replacement for commercial fertilizer. After soil analysis is performed, additional nutrients can be mixed with the solids to create a custom blend for each farm.
Tractor spreading manure and soil with nutrient profile
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